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Updated: Sep 19, 2022

How can some people not want to obey and follow God? I ask myself this question I mean He breathe life into you He wakes you up in the morning He covers you when you step outside your home He’s with you wherever you go He fights your battles the ones you can’t see and don’t see coming before they even get close to you He provided you with a job so that you may have financial income He provided you with transportation wether it’s a car of your own wether it’s a bus wether it’s a train wether it’s a plane wether it’s a boat whatever it maybe He provided it for you He provided you with a child or with children He provided you with a helper which is your wife or husband He pulled you out of situations where you should’ve been dead and people call it luck He speaks to you in many ways one way is when you get a feeling in your stomach either not to do something or go somewhere people call that a conscience no that’s the Holy Spirit inside of you trying to get your attention and yet people continue to ignore Him and not believing in Him we continue to do the things that He says in His word that we must not do why do we only call on Him and believe in Him when something goes wrong we say we won’t do this and we won’t do that if He gets us through if He gets us out of whatever mess we put ourselves in then right after He pulls us out we go back and continue to repeat the same cycle we continue to do the same thing again when we said to Him that we won’t do if He took us out of the situation I don’t know who I am speaking to right now but we have to stop blaming everyone else we have to stop trying to blame God and start blaming ourselves it isn’t anyones fault but ours when something continues to go wrong when something continues to fall apart when doors continue to shut we continue to be our own blessing blockers we continue to put ourselves through situations not taking heed to all of the signs that God is trying to show us not taking heed to what God is trying to tell us and until we repent meaning to change our mindset to change our way of thinking nothing will ever change we will never change we will continue to stay the same we continue to go on with our lives living our lives everyday like we don’t need God when we do we can’t do nothing without Him and we are nothing without Him we can’t get mad when we continue to get hurt when we continue to get let down when we continue to get upset when we continue to get disappointed when you aren’t following the principles of life which is the Word Of God all you can expect is failure because we aren’t following Him or His Word but instead we’re following the world which is following the enemy for he is the prince of this world and he is the ruler of darkness which is ignorance not saying it’s going to be easy but the thing is it is possible it is possible to live a Holy life all things are possible for Him but it’s all up to you He gave us free will He can’t work in you when you close the door on Him when He knocks you have to open up and let Him in you have to let Him enter I mean you have to want this thing as much as you want to breathe when you feel like your running out of breathe that’s how bad you have to want this thing you have to understand and realize that the enemy does not care for you the enemy hates you, you were made in the image of God meaning you are a reflection of God you are His creation the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy by any means necessary he already know that the battle is lost for him and he wants to take as many people as he can with him and he will continue to attack and he does this in many ways it could be through marriage your relationship it could be through your job it could be through family it could be through your body your health your mind whether it’s mentally emotionally or physically he’s always trying to come at us and without the blood covering us without non stop prayer and fasting how do we expect to overcome these things for this is not a battle of flesh and blood but this is a battle of spirit and you can not win a spiritual battle with physical weapons let me say that again you can not win a spiritual battle with physical weapons we’re fighting in a spiritual battle in a spiritual warfare everyday we have to be ready we have to be equipped with the right tools of the spirit it’s not to late to change your mind to repent it’s not to late and even if you take it day by day and start little that’s progress even little is big in the eyes of the Lord but have that in your mind and in your heart to make the change and go forward and continue to press forward through it and never quit and never fall under temptation and go back dont look back continue looking forward amen God bless you all!

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