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Washing Dishes


We have partnered with Pastor John Tin and the Maasai people of Kenya Africa you can see part of their story and need below:

Every single day tens of millions of African girls and women trek miles to collect water for their families because they do not have local access to clean drinking water. This trek is usually undertaken daily by women and girls who fetch water for their families. These girls end up missing out on school and Education - so the lack of access to clean water ends up negatively impacting them for the rest of their lives. It usually locks girls into a poverty cycle for the rest of their lives. This does not have to be. Together we can change it.

1. Sanitary Napkins or towels for Maasai school girls....most of them can't go to school during their periods for lack of towels.($100 per month)

2. Widows.I have 11 windows in my church and I wanted them to have a posho mill machine to help them have something to generate their business income..most of their men died because of diseases and others by wild animals. Lion and elephants.($1,500 per 3months)

3. Medical suppliers ...most children have worms due to uncooked meat and unboil milk from the cows udder..we need to medically deworm them all..after every three months period..there snake bites and other challenges due to no medical facility within the community.($200 per month)

4. Bibles for Maasai..most Maasai don't read and write so most of them would like to have a small radio transistor that has been taped to Maasai language ..reading the bible testament only in Maasai language and can use the solar panel on its side..many herders listen to the gospel while looking after their animals in the fields.($35 each)

5. Prayer center...mount suswa has the best caves..picnic site and the crater..but it's not 100% safe for praying...there is no lights, water or proper roads to the caves ..but I can assure you it's magnificent ...we need to build a prayer center for the Maasai has already been assigned to us by the community land control board and we only need to build...already blessed by the local community leaders and handed over to us for constructions if we fully get funds.$7000)

6. Children sponsorship programme and feeding programmes in our enable the  local Maasai kids enjoy the sweet fruits of education rather than looking after animals..($25 per month)

7. Maasai women. We need to empower maasai have some small business and some income generating projects to help them ...maasai women are good at beadwork but lack ready market ($1000 per a group of 10 women,we need to empower more women if we get more funding).

8. Water storage tanks ..we don't have any clean pipe water,no river ..and so we have small pans lakes dig by bulldozers deep in the ground to store rain water...that water we use by cooking drinking and animals use too,they urinate on it and do all dirty things with it.we need plastic kentanks to be connected to our ironsheet buildings like churches,schools or houses to help collect rain clean water for the community..there are two in sizes,5000litres capacity cost  ($350)and 10,000litres capacity cost($800),to hold water in it. We want to buy a tanker truck that can hold 10,000litres of water to supply to the community schools and hospitals and animals in our villages ,it cost($30,000)

9.Building churches';  for the maasai people,most people fellowship under the trees..most schools still under those trees,as church school,we need better structures to even help the kids study during the week and on Sunday as the church.($6,500)

10.motorbikes or ministry vans;We need to support evangelism teams by buying them motorbikes to help them cross the land to reach the unreached people in the mountains,its  cheap for them to fuel and to help them too feed their families without much walking struggles.($1200)

11.Water Truck Tanker..($30,000)with capacity of 10,000litres of water on his tank..will help transport lots of water to villages and to animals during the drought season.

Please pray for this needs.

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