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Updated: Sep 19, 2022

The original plan of God was to extend his heavenly kingdom here on earth…

This was God's motivation from the gate and he even set up a program to do this which was to establish a kingdom in the seen world without him coming into the seen or visible world and in order for him to do that he created from his own self (spirit) a family of offspring who will be just like him who will be his representatives on the seen world and they will release, establish and execute his invisible kingdom in the seen world and that’s it, it’s just that simple!

It was never in the plan of God to establish a religion, as a matter of fact religion is man-made. The word religion comes from a root word which means to search. So religion is really only necessary if you are lost!

Before man fell there was no need for religion. So every activity of Man in his attempt to try and find God weather it is Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Scientology, Atheism etc they are all religions because they are all mankind’s attempts to search, to find something they believe they lost!

Is it amazing that God solved the problem himself. Instead of man getting frustrated to to find God, God made a decision, his decision was I’m going to make it easy for you … i’ll come and discovery you !

Religion is like an organized club created by man to satisfy his hunger to find God and we give it different names.

I use to be religious, I am not a religious woman anymore because I ain’t searching no more! Religious people haven’t found what they looking for yet.What I have is a relationship with the one who I walked away from and who I abandon.

It was never God plan to have subjects but sons. This is a very important but yet a difficult statement because whenever you hear the word king the next word is subjects and that’s not Gods plan for us, yes God is King but He never wanted subjects just sons.

It was never Gods plan to have Christians but citizens. God always wanted to have sons who are citizens of His kingdom. What we have done is become something that we created, in fact we been tied by pagans. The word Christian’s was first introduced in the book of Corinthians by pagans, so pagans named the believers that and now we accepted the pagan’s label and we are playing their game!

I use to be a Christian, but today thank God I am a daughter and a citizen and an ambassador, I love that one, the Bible says we are ambassadors of Christ and heaven the Bible names us that but never names us Christian’s. The Bible says our citizenship is in heaven the Bible never calls us Christian’s but it does calls us citizens. To be a Christian you gotta live up to pagans expectations, to be a son you gotta be like your daddy, to be a citizen you gotta represent your country and to be an ambassador you got to represent your government but to be a Christian you gotta measure up to the pagans who names you that, that’s why most sinners will say to you “I thought you was a Christian?” Because they already got their idea of what a Christian suppose to be like because they named you that.

Say out loud “today I release myself from the burden of being a Christian, I’m gonna be a (son/daughter).

The most important statement that I will probably write in my life is the following..

God’s original purpose and attempt was to rule the seen (that’s the visible world), from the unseen (that’s the invisible world), through the unseen (that’s the spirit man), living in the seen (that’s the body), on the seen (that’s the earth).

How is he going to do that?

Well God who is unseen

would put his spirit in the unseen

That is living in the seen

That is on the seen

And he will communicate from the unseen to the unseen living in the seen on the seen so that the seen could understand what God wants, and whatever God desires would be related to the unseen, manifested in the seen, on the seen and therefore the earth would show what heaven is thinking! This is Gods program still is always is!

So what we really have is we have the invisible King of the universe and the invisible world, ( king means ruler or one who sets the standards for all things) he is the ruler of the unseen world and He is the owner of the seen world and he is living in the unseen He is invisible God almighty He is the King of everything !

You can’t be a king unless there is something to king over so in other words you can’t rule nothing. In order to be a king you gotta have something to rule over to set standards for.

Before anything was there was just God cuz everything that is was made by God, so there was a time God wasn’t king He was just God.

The first word to describe God is creator. God doesn’t create, he is creator, so creating is a natural result of being a creator, so God created because he is creator he didn’t create so he can become creator he created because he already was creator, created and creation was his natural expression so God created everything first the invisible world and than the visible world so automatically he became King because he now has something to rule and whatever a king rules it’s called his domain.

You can’t be a king without a domain.

You can’t be a president without a country.

You can’t be a prime minister without a nation. So you need something to rule!

By the way this is why Lucifer had a problem because he don’t own nothing so he can never be a king that’s why no where in the Bible is Satan referred to as a king he is simply an unemployed cherub!

So if Satan is ruling your life that’s illegal!

If Satan is ruling your finance or your physical body or your home or your family or your neighborhood Satan is illegal!

The automatic result of a king with a domain is a king domain a kingdom that’s what the whole thing is about, it’s about the relationship between a king and it’s domain and the domain includes the seen and the unseen, the Bible said ALL things were made by him and without him was not anything made that was made and therefore whatever exist he made it he created and therefore it is his property by right and therefore it is his ruler ship domain so he is the king of all domain it is his kingdom and this is the heart of the whole Bible the kingdom.

Genesis 1:26 “Let us make man in our image and in our likeness and let them have DOMINION over the fish in the sea the birds in the air

God created us to have dominion…

do you see worship in that verse?

Do you see singing in that verse?

Do you see heaven in that verse?


This is because You were not created for heaven that’s where you came from. The purpose why God created man it’s clear in the verse God basically said he needed someone to dominate a real estate called earth that’s all he needed He don’t need you to go to heaven and sing with Him He got angels doing that and I’m sure they sing much better than you guys he don’t need to hear a chorus he need someone to rule for Him here on earth you were created to be in charge of a this territory!

So trapped in everyone of you is a dominion spirit and a dominion mandate that’s why you go crazy when you are dominated.

Your suppose to dominate the plants, birds, creatures the animals and all the things in the earth. Can you imagine a human that’s suppose to dominate a plant being dominated by a planet?….

tobacco leaf,

Coco leaf,

grape juice

and so on!

Like how dare you say you a man when a leaf from Columbia runs your life,

You ain’t impressing anyone with your dignified walk in your high heal shoes and your fancy purse when a piece of leaf from Cuba runs your life or

your executive look in your ten story office and you park your car in the parking garage and you go up the elevator and when you get to that big mahogany desk there’s a little bottle in the shelf that runs your life and at 11 o’clock at night it calls you come drink me now and you bow down to the bottle could you imagine having your life ran by a drink!

Don’t let something you suppose to dominate, dominate you!

You know your not supposed to work for money, money is supposed to work for you. When you work for money your poor and you stay broke. People who got an understanding for money don’t work for money they let money work for them. If you go after money money will keep running, but if you send money somewhere it comes back finding you ands that’s a true revelation!

So God gave man dominion over all these things and made them the king of the earth.

The word dominate means to govern to rule to control to manage to lead to have authority over, God gave man all this awesome stuff and then man did something dumb… remember God gave us rulership not ownership and when someone gives you ownership they are not responsible for it anymore, but if they give your rulership they are still responsible for it , that’s why God set up qualifications… He said if you obey me and don’t touch that tree you can manage this planet all you want and as long as you want , it’s yours!

So pretty much God gave man a management contract of earth, a lease agreement, it was never yours he gave it to you to manage under a lease agreement called dominion mandate therefore what you do with the planet you have to give account to the owner and how you use the planet and what you do with it you got to report back and He would judge us according to how we agree to run the planet.

No say out loud “I was born to rule this place”

Psalms 115:14 May the Lord your God increase both you and your children and may you be blessed by the Lord the maker of heaven and earth The highest heavens belongs to the Lord but the earth he gave to man!

So like I said heaven ain’t yours the earth is.

God made arrangements to make sure you never stay in heaven because if you ever stay in heaven God‘s word would fail, God‘s purpose for you was to rule the earth and you cannot rule the earth if you are in heaven. So what we created was a religion of heaven and God has a mandate of earth. Everybody wants to go to heaven and God don’t want nobody there so he made arrangements to make sure whoever dies now Will leave Heaven and come back so he made arrangements for your body it’s called the Resurrection!

So remember God says the earth belongs to you the heaven belongs me. So that means whatever happens on this planet is our responsibility. It says in the Bible whatever you bind on earth not heaven but earth would be bound in Heaven whatever you lose on earth, heaven looses in other words heaven can’t do anything on earth without The permission or access through those who God gave authority to.

So if something is not happening on earth it’s because we are not allowing it to happen.

If you don’t understand the earth arrangement you won’t understand prayer,

Prayer is constantly giving God permission to interfere earth because you’re the one with the license! God can do anything but yet He can only release what you allow!

You ain’t supposed to go to a prayer meeting my friend you’re supposed to be one, In the car at the gas station at the store in your home outside of your home in your neighborhood wherever you go!

God is saying you better keep on praying if you want me to keep interfering!

John Wesley said it best he said “prayer is strange, it seems as if without God we cannot, and without us God will not”

So if you don’t like the conditions on earth then start making arrangements through prayer. Prayer is business, you doing business with the government from whom you are the ambassador to and prayer is the medium through which you get your fax to come through and your email. Prayer is how you get your flow of information and resources to come from your government and the invisible government of God has access through your faith to come in to the planet through your authority that he gave you so he can impact earth from the unseen and fulfill Gods purpose.

Knowledge is knowing

Understanding is comprehension

And wisdom is application

You now got all this knowledge and I broke it down so you can really understand it now it’s your to apply it to your life I want you to learn it master it and teach it to others don’t you dare keep all of these nuggets to your self I learned from Dr. Myles Munroe you learned from me and now it’s time someone else learns it from you in Jesus name!

Stay Radical!

Apostle Jazmin Molina

From Radical Church of Philadelphia

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