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Who We Are

We are a Radical Kingdom talk show that provides a virtual platform for viewers like you to watch globally, people from all over the world with different backgrounds and different experiences.


In this talk show, we will dig deep into the lives of people who have overcome many obstacles, trials, tribulations, and much more.


This is a platform where people will be transparent and will share their test that became a testimony to breathe life and hope into the lives of the viewers.


Everyone has a story and everyone has a purpose that came with that story but sometimes in order to come out of that wilderness we need the strength in order to come out and be free and what better strength than the person going through what you went through telling you “I overcame that” with their own words.


It's something about hearing someone else going through the same thing and overcoming it that makes you realize if they can do it than so can I.


This talk show will be the encouragement people need to keep moving forwarded, the empowerment people need to never give up and the reality people can witness that nothing is forever, that God gives us life in dosages, there’s a season for everything and this too shall pass!

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